Jabra EVOLVE 65E MS Headset With Link 370 – 6599-623-109


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The Jabra Evolve 65e is engineered to deliver professional, UC-certified sound on the go. Around-the-neck earbud design lets you take calls and listen to music, while Skype for Business and UC-certification mean your headset will provide consistently superior sound on the go. The battery will last up to 13 hours, and the USB Bluetooth adapter allows you to connect to your laptop or PC, as well as your smartphone. Customize your sound and update software with the Jabra Sound+ app, and signal when you’re busy with a built-in busylight.

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Engineered to deliver professional UC-certified sound on the go.

  • Perfect for on-the-go professionals.
  • The Evolve 65e is very convenient, lightweight, around-the-neck design with snug-fitting oval earbuds.
  • This headset provides consistently superior sound and call quality.
  • By using USB bluetooth adapter, you can also connect to your PC at the same time as your smartphone.
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life.
  • Passive noise cancellation-Filtering out all the background noise to help you concentrate on what you???re doing.
  • Built-in busylight acts as a do not disturb sign.

Technical specifications


Microphone concept: Four-microphone ambient noise-cancellation technology

Speaker: 12 mm dynamic speaker

Speaker bandwidth – music mode: 20 Hz to 20 KHz

Speaker bandwidth conversation mode: 100 Hz to 8 kHz

Passive noise-cancellation: Yes (sealed eargels), earwings (3 sizes S/M/L with acc. pack)

HearThrough feature: Enable this feature via Jabra Direct or the Jabra Sound+ app

Certifications: Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, Unify and more

Customised call equalisation: Three preset equalisers (enable this feature via Jabra Direct or the Jabra Sound+ app)

Customised music equalisation: Five bands equaliser (enable this feature via the Jabra Sound+ app)

Fit & Comfort

Headset form factor: Neckband

Earwings: Earwings (3 sizes S/M/L with acc. pack)

EarGels: Oval shaped silicon rubber eargels (3 sizes S/M/L with acc. pack)

EarGels material: Silicon rubber

Neckband material: TPE

Water & dust resistant: Yes, IP54

Magnets in earbuds: For easy and comfortable positioning around the neck, such as when the earbuds are connected, your music will pause or your call will be ended.

Ease of Use

Intuitive audio control: Answer/end call – Reject call – Volume control – Track control1 – Play/pause music1

Vibration alert: Yes, in the neckband

Voice button: Yes

Voice assistant: One-tap access to Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant 1 on the voice button2


Talk-time: Up to 8 hours

Music time: Up to 13 hours

Charging power & time: Around 2 hours


Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 4.2  Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE)

Wireless range: Up to 30m with computer using the Jabra Link 370. Up to 10m with mobile devices.

Computer, Jabra Link 370 Bluetooth adapter: USB BT audio device. Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE)

Bluetooth pairing list: Up to 8 devices

Simultaneous Bluetooth connections: 2 devices


Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): Headset: 192 x 153 x 63 mm/accessories: 135 x 45 x 12 mm

Box content: Jabra Evolve 65e – Jabra Link 370 – Protective travel case -EarGels and earwings pack (S/M/L size) – USB cable – Quick Start Guide – Warranty & warning (safety leaflets)

Neckband width: 145mm/Headset length: 400mm

Headset weight: 36 g

Connection: Bluetooth & USB 2.0 (USB cord ~150 cm)

Warranty: 2 years

Jabra Direct: Yes

Jabra Sound+ app: Yes

Operating temperature: -10C to 55C (14F to 131F

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  • Comfortable design
  • Professional sound
  • 13 hours battery life
  • Skype for Business



  • Microphone concept
    4-microphone technology to reduce ambient noise
  • Speakers
    12mm Dynamic Speakers
  • Speaker Bandwidth (Music Mode)
    20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Speaker Bandwidth (Conference Mode)
    100 Hz to 8 kHz
  • Passive Noise Canceling
    Yes (Soundproof earGels), earWings (3 sizes S / M / L with accessory package)
  • HearThrough function
    Function can be activated via Jabra Direct / Jabra Sound + App


  • Intuitive Audio Control
    Answer / End / Reject a Call – Volume Control – Track Selection – Music Play / Pause
  • Vibration alert
    Yes, in the neckband
  • Language key
  • Voice Assistant
    Enabling Voice Assistants Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant by tapping the voice button


  • Talk time
    Up to 8 hours
  • Music playback
    Up to 13 hours
  • Charging capacity and duration
    Approx. 2 hours


  • Bluetooth Standard
    Bluetooth 4.2 – Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE)
  • Radio range
    Up to 30 meters with a computer using the Jabra Link 370. Up to 10 meters with mobile devices.
  • Computer, Bluetooth Adapter Jabra Link 370
    USB BT Audio Device. Bluetooth® 4.2 – Bluetooth® Low Energy (BTLE)
  • Bluetooth Pairing List
    Up to 8 Devices
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth connections
    2 devices


  • Packing dimensions (L x W x H)
    Headset: 192 mm x 153 mm x 63 mm / Accessories: 135 mm x 45 mm x 12 mm
  • Package Contents
    Jabra Evolve 65e – Jabra Link 370 – travel case – earGels and earWings. (Size S / M / L) – USB cable – Quick Start Guide – Warranty Statement – Warnings / Precautions
  • Neckband size
    Neckband width 145 mm / Headset length 400 mm
  • Weight (headset)
  • Connection
    Bluetooth® u. USB 2.0 (USB cable ~ 1.5m)
  • Warranty
    2 years from the date of purchase of the products
  • Jabra Direct
  • Jabra Sound + App

Comfortable design
Full day comfort. Do not miss a call anymore.

13 hours of battery life
With 13 hours of battery life you stay productive on the go, no matter what the day may bring. No matter what you are planning – your headset keeps pace.