About Us

Iconic IT Store

There’s a huge gap when it’s about different hardware solutions and customers’ accessibility to them. Iconic IT Store is a platform trying to bridge the gap. We provide a full product line for network solutions at an competitive range. We are your one window stop for everything networking hardware related.

Why Choose us?

How often do you face hurdles while shopping for which model of hardware you need to satisfy your requirements? Our guess is way too many times. This is an existing problem in the industry which we are actively trying to solve.

With Iconic IT Store, you not only get proper hardware as per your requirement but our representatives also guide you on how to choose them. That is why we have a dedicated helpline, where you can call if you’re in a dilemma about the product best suited to fulfil your requirements.

Why our prices are lower?

We have forged partnerships with major hardware solutions providers. Since we collect the products from manufacturers themselves, the need for a transition fee is eliminated. We are able to presnt you with competitive and affordable pricing because we procure our products from the manufacturers without any middle person.

Free delivery across India

100% Secured Payment

No hidden costs

Genuine Products

How we help?

We understand that often it’s not just buying which can solve your problem. Alongside, there are also the aspects of design, implementation, and support. Iconic IT Store provides you with all that and more.