Jabra Speak2 75 Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone UC

Jabra Speak2 75 is the next generation professional speakerphone, with premium sound quality and packed with advanced features, perfect for hybrid working.

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W i d e s c r e e n for your ears
“Say what?” Well, that’s not a question you’ll need to answer, because this advanced tech puts you (and your big ideas) front and centre in every meeting, unscrambling the widest range of frequencies in your voice’s natural range, for a dramatically more powerful audio experience.

One small step to start. One giant leap in battery life.
Just plug-and-play and you’re off faster than you can say “you’re on mute”. And you can go wireless with up to 32 hours battery (yep – 32 whole hours – even Janice’s meetings aren’t that long). You’ll need to recharge before your Speak2 75 does.

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Ideal for room sizes
Up to 4.5m x 4.5m | 14.76ft x 14.76ft
Number of microphones
Microphone type
Digital MEMS
Microphone frequency range
150Hz – 14000Hz
Microphone pick up range
Up to 2.5m | 8.2ft
Full Duplex
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
72 dB
Speaker size
65mm | 2.6in
Peak audio output
88 dBspl @ 0.5m
Speaker bandwidth (music mode)
80Hz – 20000Hz
Speaker bandwidth (speak mode)
150Hz – 14000Hz
Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
Reverberation reduction
Voice Level Normalization (Automatic Gain Control, AGC)
Yes (for incoming and outgoing audio)
Super-wideband (SWB) ****
Up to 16000 Hz
Noise reduction on calls
Microphone Quality Indicator (enable in Jabra app)
Up to 32 hours
Corded charging
Integrated USB C cable with USB A adapter
Charging time (USB C/A 1 A)
Up to 2.5 hours
Charging time (USB C/A 0.5 A)
Up to 5 hours
Battery type
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity
4700 mA