Jabra BIZ 2300 USB UC Duo Headset


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Provide your contact center agents with a lightweight, durable headset that delivers HD voice/wideband speaker performance and noise cancellation with the BIZ 2300 UC Duo Headset from Jabra. Worn over one’s head, this headset is UC compatible and features dual stereo speakers. Additionally, the HD voice/wideband frequency response helps enable realistic reproduction of human voices on optimized digital telephony lines. The Jabra 2300 also features a noise-canceling microphone with standard vocal sensitivity, a built-in control unit, a swiveling, flexible boom arm for adjusting the position of the microphone, and foam earpiece cushions.

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Air Shock Microphone

When the microphone is close to the mouth of the user, there is a risk of respiratory noise. To help reduce it, the microphone is designed aerodynamically, and with many small holes instead of a larger hole. In addition, there is included foam on the inside of the microphone. Overall, it helps reduce the penetration of air shocks to the microphone, which helps optimize the call quality.


The 360° swiveling boom arm helps ensure that end-users have the option to customize the location of the microphone in relation to current needs without exposing the boom arm to break risk.

HD Voice

High definition sound is provided with HD voice which helps ensure crystal clear and intelligible communication. This allows you to focus on the content instead of struggling to understand what the other person is saying.

Kevlar-Reinforced Cord

Cords made with Kevlar help to deliver performance and value to end users by providing robustness, fatigue resistance, and durability, which helps contribute to the cords’ overall quality.

Noise-Canceling Microphone

Noise-canceling microphones help reduce unwanted background noise and are ideal in crowded and noisy, open-office environments.

Talk in Comfort

A light, ergonomically designed frame, soft ear cushions, and an adjustable headband and microphone boom increase user comfort and reduce fatigue.

Clear Sound

Digital signal processing (DSP) is designed to help remove background noise and echo as well as protect the user against sudden high peaks in volume, reducing call handling time and increasing clarity of communication.

Call Management

The built-in control unit simplifies call management for the user. The buttons help make it efficient to control functions as call answer/end, volume, and mute, which helps make the call handling efficient.

Jabra Software Applications

Jabra’s software applications allow you to customize and control your headset’s settings, providing full integration and call control with softphones.

Remote Asset Management

Configure and implement the company’s audio devices 100% remotely from one central point. You get the latest features and functionalities on the go with Jabra Xpress, a web-based solution. You can also get a complete overview of all Jabra audio devices installed in the IT network with Jabra Xpress’ asset management component.

SafeTone Hearing Protection

Jabra SafeTone includes Jabra PeakStop and Jabra IntelliTone, which helps deliver enhanced hearing protection technology. PeakStop caps sounds or tones louder than 118 dB before they reach your ears and keeps the sound level within the safe range to protect your hearing. IntelliTone regulates the average sound level down to 85 dB. This limits the user’s average volume exposure during their workday according to acoustic standards and regulations.

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Boom Rotation 360°
Microphone Design Gooseneck
Earpiece Design On-Ear
Listening Mode Binaural
Host Connection 1 x USB Type-A